Who needed the Division E Contest? We did.

You heard from Cynthia Holm on the opportunities and leadership possibilities of the fall contest season and from Nathan Ohren who had a cleaver way of stating who needs those contests.  Now that the Division contest on October 12 is over, we have proof that they were both right.  But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what Kathy Choate, our District 33 Governor, had to say.  “I thoroughly enjoyed being at Division E’s contests yesterday.  The speeches were most competitive.  You should be proud of what you produced.  Congratulations to all the leaders!”  So … if you missed this contest, you missed a real opportunity to see teamwork in action.

blog photoThe contest was a success.  Why?  It all started when Grace Rachow pulled an initial team together just to get the ball rolling and then she kept tract of all the responses and kept sending emails to keep everyone informed as the whole process skyrocketed into a flurry of activities culminating on the 12th.  There were way too many volunteers to list but one that was outstanding was the food.  Yes, don’t we love good food?  Cynthia Holm took that ball and turned it into a huge tasty event.  The experienced toastmasters kept working behind the scenes and brought in the “newbies” along the way making sure they became trained.  Then on that big day – actually morning – when everyone arrived, the trainees took over the show and we all had fun in the process.  If you don’t believe me, look at the photos on the Division E site.  Yes that contest was a success not only due to all the stiff competition making sure we have fantastic competitors for the District contest but also because we now have several more toastmasters experienced at hosting a contest.

Sherry Campbell
Toastmaster since 1978

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