COPE: for speech writing

Toastmaster Tip — Learning To COPE by Dick Temple, DTM

How should we proceed when preparing and giving a speech?  It can sometimes be daunting!  Here is a simplified method to remember how to deal with this challenge or in other words how to “cope” with the task.

C —- as in Content.  Be aware of the audience and if the speech content is appropriate and would be helpful and /or informative for them. Include humor as appropriate.

O —- as in Organization. An opening, the body with no more than three points and finally the close.

P —- Presentation. All the usual skills of presenting including voice , body language , gestures,  eye contact, use of visuals as needed and avoiding distracting actions.

E —- Enthusiasm, Energy and a sense of Enjoyment should be evident by the speaker.

There you have it. An easy way to remember the basics for preparing and presenting a speech! Enjoy the challenge and you will be remembered!

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