Welcome to Division E Toastmasters

Serving Toastmaster clubs in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties

2017-2018 Division Director
Joseph Skoda, DTM                                         (805)315-5449          JSkoda425@gmail.com
2017-2018 Area Directors
Area E-1 Chris de Collibus, ACS                    (559)359-7366             Chrisareadirector@gmail.com
Area E-2 Sherrie Goodrich, ACB, ALB         (805) 736-3229           sherrie@goodrichnews.com
Area E-3 Cindy Whelan, ACB, CL                 private contact information
Area E-4 Nevena Golubovic, CL                  private contact information
Area E-5 Nisa King, ACS, ALB                      (805)709-4761              nisaslo@gmail.com
Area E-6 Wayne Lenhard                              (805)705-4538              walenhard@gmail.com

To see all that this site has to offer, please select from the tabs along the top in the black border. This website was created with the intent of sharing information between all clubs and Areas in the Division.   It provides a place for interested toastmasters to get updated and accurate information on all the clubs and events in Division E, and to get help (specific to Division E) to improve clubs, and to get answers to Toastmaster questions.  For example, how can you learn about other clubs to visit?  Go to the Clubs Tab in the black border along the top of the page.


Division E 2016-2017 theme:
If you want to go quickly, go alone
If you want to go far, go together.

~ African Proverb

Division E 2016-2017 Area Directors, District Director and District 33 Director Jamuna Ramnath

2016-2017 Division Director
Christine Campos, DTM                             (856) 816-8101             christine.campos@outlook.com
2016-2017 Area Directors
Area E-2 Karen McRedmond ACS, ALB   (805) 736-3229           karenmcred@hotmail.com
Area E-3 Michael McGinnis ACG, CL       (805) 680-8709          michael.mcginnis@morganstanley.com
Area E-4 Marie Azzaria ACG, CL              (805) 403-8224            marie.azzaria@gmail.com
Area E-5 Aileen Loe ACB                            (805) 801-3883             akloe63@gmail.com
Area E-6 David Liu ACS, ALB                    (805) 252-6836            david.liu@logmein.com


2015 2016 collagecollage copy

Division E 2015/2016  Area Directors and Division Directors

2014 2015 photo

Division E 2014/2015 Area Governors and Division Governor


Division E 2014/2015 theme “Engaging Excellence”

collage copy

Division E 2013/2014  Area Governors and Division Governor

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1 Response to Home

  1. Sandra Eacret says:

    From my perspective as Contest Chair, the Division E Fall 2013 contest was a huge success. I am pleased, satisfied, and proud of all those who participated in any way.

    Everyone I saw fulfilling their roles was engaged in doing what they had agreed to do. Most of the roles (including mine, the Chief Judge, and both the Contest Toastmasters, Mario Castaneda and Maria Millsaps) were taken by TMs who had not taken that role before, and their mentors helped them be confident and successful. Now many more Toastmasters in our division are enthusiastic and ready to Blaze a New Trail and take on a new challenge in the near future.

    Thanks to Area Gov. Julie Boyce, who called toastmasters throughout our division ahead of time to invite them and encourage them to come, 55 people registered.

    The weather was beautiful. Thanks to Area Gov. Cynthia Holm and her helpers, the food was varied, delicious and set out attractively with plenty left over (so we know there was enough). Our judging team, led by Area Gov. and Chief Judge Larry Bishop, was balanced: geographically, male/female, with experienced judges and those less experienced, and all fully qualified. Not an easy job, but YOU DID IT, Larry! Great job! Winners will soon be posted on this website.

    Many toastmasters attending without roles asked what needed to be done and helped in any way they could. I don’t know all their names, but you know who you are–thank you!

    Area Gov.s Nathan Ohren and Christine Campos conducted two drawings: a prize drawing (many people contributed nice prizes, including wine); and a cash drawing, in which the winner took home 25% of the total cash taken in by that contest. I am still reconciling the account, but it looks like we did well financially (thanks to many who donated time, effort, and supplies for the cause)!

    We missed you who could not attend, and are sorry you missed out on such a fun and competitive contest. Our next Division E contest will be March 29th, so mark your calendars now. Think about how you might like to participate: as a mentor, or by taking on a new role, mentor provided!

    I’m sure others have different perspectives on how the contest went, and I welcome any other comments. I could not be everywhere at once, and would like to hear about various aspects of the contest, especially if it helps us do even better next time!

    Engaging Excellence with you,


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