2017-2018 Area Directors
Area E-1 Chris de Collibus, ACS                    (559)359-7366   
Area E-2 Sherrie Goodrich, ACB, ALB         (805) 736-3229 
Area E-3 Cindy Whelan, ACB, CL                 private contact info
Area E-4 Nevena Golubovic, CL                   private contact info
Area E-5 Nisa King, ACS, ALB                      (805)709-4761    
Area E-6 Wayne Lenhard                              (805)705-4538    
2017-2018 Division E Director
Joseph Skoda, DTM                                    (856) 816-8101    
2016-2017 Area Directors
Area E-1 Jolly Holman ACG, CL                 (805)712-0671  
Area E-2 Karen McRedmond ACS, ALB   (805)736-3229 
Area E-3 Michael McGinnis ACG, CL       (805) 680-8709
Area E-4 Marie Azzaria ACG, CL              (805)403-8224  
Area E-5 Aileen Loe ACB                            (805)801-3883   
Area E-6 David Liu ACS, ALB                    (805)252-6836  
2016-2017 Division E Director
Christine Campos, DTM                             (856) 816-8101
2015-2016 Area Directors
From left to right:
Area E1:  Lisa Marrone, ACB                  (805) 441-9557
Area E2:  Susan Friesen, ACG, ALB     (805) 714-2037
Area E3:  David Machacek, CC               (805) 364-4749  
Area E4:  Grace Rachow, ATMS, CL     (805) 682-6943
Area E5:  Joseph Skoda, CC, CL             (805) 315  -5449
Area E6:  Melissa Moriarty, CC               (805) 895-1554

E1-Lisa Marrone copy

E2-Susan Friesen copy3-David Machacek copyE4-Grace Rachow copyE5-Joseph Skoda copyE6-Melissa Moriarty copy
2015-2016 Division E Director
Julie Boyce ACG, ALB  805-237-9096
Division E Director-Julie copy
2014-2015 Area Governors
From left to right:
Faye LundbergMaria MilsapsMary-Jo AlburgerSara WingateLudgy CuevaMartina Young
Area E1:  Faye Lundberg, CC, CL  805-503-8361
Area E2:  Maria Milsaps, CC 05-588-4736
Area E3:  Mary-Jo Alburger, CC   805-705-3950
Area E4:  Sara Wingate    805-901-2830
Area E5:  Ludgy Cueva, CC  805-345-7034
Area E6:  Martina Young, CC  805-218-2774
2014-2015 Division Governor
Julie Boyce
Julie Boyce ACS, CL   805-237-9096



Who are the 2013/2014 officers above the club level that are here to help us?  Here is their contact information.

2013-2014 Area Governors
Julie Boyce
Joe Purdy christine Campos Cynthia Holm Patrick Hardy Nathan Ohren
From left to right:
Area E1:  Julie Boyce ACS, CL 
(805) 237-9096 H
Area E2:  Joe Purdy, ACB (805) 720-7556 C
Area E3:  Christine Campos ACS   (856) 816-8101
Area E4:  Cynthia Holm ACS, ALB    (805) 509-9109
Area E5:  Patrick Hardy ACG, ALB, AS  (225) 361-3402 C
Area E6:  Nathan Ohren CC, CL  (805)
Sandra Eacret
2013-2014 Division E Governor
Sandra Eacret ACB, CL  (805) 683-3284

District Governor – Kathy Choate, DTM
Lt. Governor Education & Training – Katy Porter, DTM
Lt. Governor Marketing – Lorrie Linnert-Dunford, DTM
Immediate Past District Governor – Jesse Oakley III, DTM

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